3 Ways to Get Started with the Social Learning Platform!

Hi everyone! For those of you who are new to Everyday Speech, I’m Brittany, head Speech-Language Pathologist and Co-Founder. Our mission is to provide everything an individual needs to learn social skills with materials that are not only fun and engaging, but relatable too!

1. Search our Skills

Because we have so many materials in the platform (over 350 videos, 20 online games, and over 300 worksheets/printable lessons) we’ve made it easy to narrow down and find exactly what you need.

Our Skill Picker allows you to click on the skill you’re targeting.
You can narrow down even further by selecting the age range and the difficulty level.

2. Learn about our Three Video Types

Our video lessons fit into three categories:
1. Social Skills in Action
2. Modeling
3. Extension Lessons

You’ll see which type of video you’re looking at in the description. These three types were designed with different kinds of learners in mind.

Social Skills in Actions or SSIA videos are intended for learners who have a basic understanding of language and can follow along with the dialogue used in the scenes.

Modeling video lessons are created for younger or beginning level students. We use less language and words on screen than the SSIA videos and the lessons are shorter.

Extension Lessons are for moderate-high functioning individuals who can attend for the length of the video, as they are longer compilations of video scenes put together into a game or interactive activity.

3. Watch a Video

Now that you know about the different video types, you’re ready to get watching! Browse the skills most relevant to your child and select the age and difficulty level they’re at.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start check out these Parent Lists I’ve created which recommends 15 popular pieces of content for each age group.

After you watch the video, be sure to use it’s Companion Worksheet to review with your child. Feel free to pause the videos to answer the narrator’s questions or watch multiple times for increased understanding.

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable diving into our materials. If you ever are looking for more support, click on the Help Center within our settings to see how-to articles and tutorial videos.

Happy viewing!


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