Interactive Game: Everyday Speech World

Nothing helps children reinforce what they’ve learned like practical experience, but in-person interactions are scarce in this time of social distancing. Our solution for you? Everyday Speech World!

Everyday Speech World is a digital game where social situations can be freely explored and mistakes can be made. This choose-your-own-adventure environment allows students to interact with characters in simulated social situations and observe nuances in human body language and facial expressions. It’s a great way to reinforce and assess new skills learnt throughout our lesson plans!

Students play as an avatar and interact with other characters in 10 different social situations. They’ll engage in realistic conversations with the ability to choose how they’ll respond. We encourage students to practice their prediction skills by interpreting the character’s reactions to their choices.

10 chapters, social scenarios, provide students various simulations to improve their social skills both at-home and in real life.

Just like our video modeling lessons, the thought bubbles, inner monologues, and facial expressions will help learners understand the consequences of social behavior.

We’re thrilled to hear how many of you love Everyday Speech World already. Try it and share with colleagues so they can experience how easy and engaging it is to teach with our platform’s no-prep materials.

Enjoy taking social-emotional learning to the next level!
Brittany, Cal & the entire Everyday Speech team

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"The Social Learning Platform has been a true life saver for me, both with time management (I can easily filter exactly what I need from a wealth of choices) and materials that are of exceptional quality and interest to students of all ages. I love how I can create folders of specific materials for each student and I can easily screen share and have the videos, games and worksheets on the screen for my students to engage with."

– A. Waldmann, M.S., CCC-SLP

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