April Content Update


Hi Everyday Speechies, 

We just dropped a bunch of new games, videos, and activities to support your students with reading the room, problem-solving, keeping conversations going, and more! Plus, we released two new units for Pre-K and K learners: “What are Connected Comments?” and “Learn the Problem Solving Steps.”

Our new releases also include several resources to help your students with stress management and processing big emotions. Our new “Getting Rid of Worries” video is a staff favorite and is helpful for learners of all ages, including adults!
We hope you and your learners enjoy the new releases! Thanks for all you do to support your students with their social-emotional growth.

- Brittany Brunell, M.S. CCC-SLP
Co-Founder & Head of Clinical Content

April Content Updates

Reading the room, problem-solving, and more!

New Activities

Staying on topic, matching activity

Matching Topic Activity

Students will practice staying on topic by making connected comments or questions in this interactive activity. 

being a flexible thinker activity

Being a Flexible Thinker Activity

Students will learn how to be flexible thinkers to see someone else's side in this interactive sequencing activity. 


how do you feel activity

How Do You Feel Activity

Students will learn that the way they feel about a situation might be different than how someone else feels in the same situation.



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New Videos

we have different feelings video

When We Have Different Feelings Video

Students learn that we all have different feelings about all kinds of things because we are different people. When people feel different emotions than you, it doesn’t make their feelings wrong.

reading the room video

Reading the Room Video

Students will learn to read the room to figure out how they should act.

how to politely interrupt video

How to Politely Interrupt Video

Students learn when it is appropriate to interrupt and how to politely interrupt.

Pre school video for problem solving

How To Solve Problems Video

Students will learn to use 'I feel' statements to solve problems they face in school and with peers.

Getting rid of worries video

Getting Rid of Worries Video

Students will learn how to shrink their worries so they can remain calm.


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New Games

preschool and pre k problem solving game


Problem Solving Game

This digital puzzle gives preschoolers a calm activity to redirect focus or offer a break while reviewing social skills with their favorite animated characters.

think it or say it game everyday speech world


Think It Or Say It Game

Everyday Speech World: Students will practice 'thinking it' or 'saying it' in each interactive scenario.

Reading the room game

Reading the Room Game

Everyday Speech World: Students will practice reading the room in each interactive scenario.




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Free Video – Being Proud of Who I Am

Being proud of who I am videoBeing Proud of Who I Am Video

Being proud of who we are means we accept ourselves. We love ourselves as we are. We also celebrate and respect others for who they are regardless of differences in abilities.

Everyday Speech is easy to use and includes most topics that I discuss with my students with social language difficulties. The videos are the BEST! Easy to watch and for kids to relate to. They generate the best discussions."

– Ann-Marie Small, M.S. CCC-SLP

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