March Content Update

Everyday Speech is proud to announce the launch of an all-new skill on the platform: Relationships for Middle and High Schoolers. This new skill features brand new units, including Getting Ready to Date, Dating, and Ending a Relationship. Each unit features age-appropriate videos, activities, and games for learners who have begun to show interest in romantic relationships. 

Dating etiquette involves a whole lot of social skills. It can be overwhelming thinking about all the rules, social cues, and nonverbal communication that go into navigating a relationship! Our new dating unit will support you in teaching skills related to communication, self-advocacy, and staying safe in relationships.

Plus, for our younger learners, don’t miss our new Pre-K and K materials on making introductions, using connected comments, staying on topic, lining up, and creating and respecting personal space. 

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New Relationship Materials for Middle and High School Students

New Videos

Am I ready to date videoAm I Ready to Date?

Students learn how to decide whether or not they are ready to date.

Video about crushesCrushes

Students learn how to appropriately navigate having a crush on someone.

Communication in relationships videoCommunication in Relationships

Students learn how to communicate well in relationships in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Video to see if a relationship is working for youIs This Relationship Working For Me? 

Students learn the importance of checking in and evaluating their feelings when dating another person.

Asking someone out videoAsking Someone Out

Students learn the steps to take in order to ask someone they like out on a date.

going on a date videoGoing On A Date

Students learn the appropriate steps to take when going out on a date.

breaking up videoBreaking Up

Students learn how to end a relationship and break up respectfully.

Coping after a breakupCoping After A Breakup

Breakups can be difficult. In this lesson, learners will be given a variety of tips and steps they can take in order to positively cope after a breakup.

New Everyday Speech World Experiences

Dating everyday speech world gameDating

Students will practice a variety of social interactions to build healthy dating and relationship skills.

Texting in a relationship videoTexting in a Relationship

Students will practice appropriate texting skills when it comes to building a relationship and dating.

New Activities

Activity for dealing with a breakupCoping With a Breakup

Breakups are difficult, no matter who broke up with who. These three examples will help students discover ways to cope with a break-up.

Dos and donts for breakupsBreakup Dos and Don'ts

This interactive activity will help students decide the best way to approach and handle a break-up.

Activity for preparing to datePreparing to Date

This interactive check-in will help students decide whether or not they feel prepared to date.

Activity for dos and donts for crushesCrushes Dos and Don't

When we have a crush, we might feel nervous, shy, or giddy around them– this is normal! But how do we know how to act around our crush?

Relationship check in activityRelationship Check-In

When we’re in a relationship with someone we should continuously be checking in with ourselves. This means asking ourselves, “Is this relationship working for me?”



New Game

Social Trivia: Dating Trivia GameSocial Trivia: Dating

Students cover four areas of dating in this points-based trivia game: connecting with others, texting, recognizing others’ emotional clues, and predicting the outcome of one’s actions.

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New Pre-K and Kindergarten Materials

New Videos

Personal space video for pre-k and kindergartenPersonal Space

Students learn how to keep personal space. Personal space is the space we keep when we stand, sit, or play with others.

Lining Up video for pre-k and kindergartenersLining Up

In this video, students learn how to line up. Lining up is a skill that is important when a group of students or class needs to leave the classroom.

Making connected comments videoMaking Connected Comments

Students learn how to connect to other people’s comments to keep a certain conversation topic going. Making connected comments assures the person you are talking to that you are listening and interested in what they are saying.

Video for learning how to introduce yourselfIntroducing Yourself

In this lesson, students learn how to introduce themselves when they meet new people.

Video to practice staying on topicStaying On Topic

In this lesson, learners will be taught how to stay on topic. Staying on topic is an important conversational skill to build friendships. It makes conversations fun and engaging.

New Activities

Activity for practicing how to line upHow to Line Up

Students will learn and practice how to line up in the classroom in this interactive sequencing activity!

Activity for keeping personal space.Keeping Personal Space

In this activity, learners will act out various scenarios with a partner to practice keeping personal space.

New Everyday Speech World Experiences

Social Chameleon Game - Everyday Speech WorldSocial Chameleon

Students will practice tuning in and being a great observer in order to decide how to behave appropriately in different locations and situations.

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