November Content Updates

We know your plate is full (Thanksgiving pun intended). That’s why we’re bringing you tools and resources to help save you time and stress, like our newly added Student Data Tracking sheets (sample) and Goal Bank for Social Communication Curriculum (SCC) subscribers! These new tools make IEP goal writing, data collection, and informal assessment easier than ever before. 

This month, we also dropped a new printable Thanksgiving activity, new Pre-K videos, an Everyday Speech World game for elementary students, and more! 

We hope these new additions will make your work a little bit easier this holiday season. Thanks for all you continue to do to support social-emotional learning in your classroom!

NEW Student Data Tracking Sheets and Goal Bank

All SCC subscribers now have access to a downloadable PDF Goal Bank to use in conjunction with our Scope and Sequence sheet and newly launched Data Tracking and Assessment Sheets. 

Subscribers can access these new materials through the Social Learning Platform by clicking “Data Resources” on the Social Communication Curriculum page.

NEW Thanksgiving- Themed Printable Activity

This interactive activity challenges students to think about different characteristics and qualities that make a good friend. Students cut, color and glue a pie together, then write characteristics of a good friend on each slice.

NEW and Updated Videos

Staying Calm When Losing | Pre-K Video

Students will learn how to be a good sport when they’re losing a game. They will learn how to use self-talk and other mindfulness strategies to calm down.

Connected Play | Pre-K Video

Students will learn how to connect their play with others when playing make-believe games. 

Advocating in the Classroom | Elementary Video

Students learn the importance of self-advocacy for getting what they need in order to stay balanced and calm. 

Finding Strategies that Work for You | Elementary Video

Students will learn how to use their “self-controller scanner” to find the calming strategy that works best for them.

Taking Turns in Conversation | Elementary Video

Students learn why it necessary to take turns speaking during a conversation.

NEW Everyday Speech World Game: Empathy Essentials

In this interactive game, students think about how a character may be feeling, then choose a response to show the character they care and understand. 

A Note on Neurodiversity

We’ve updated our “Keeping a Calm Body Introduction” video. We added language around self-advocacy and encouraged students to obtain what they need in a safe and appropriate way. Students are encouraged to find the best calm-down strategy for them, even if it looks different from the way others calm down, this could include pacing or using a fidget.

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