How We Improved the Social Communication Curriculum This Past Year

Cheers to the 2022-2023 school year! As we welcome the start of another new school year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on and highlight some of the new materials that Everyday Speech released in the 2021-2022 school year! Believe it or not, we release a total of 180 new pieces of content! These materials ranged from new videos, games, and activities! Let’s take a closer look! 


New Self-Advocacy and Neurodiversity Materials 

With the rise of the Neurodiversity Movement, we have worked hard to stay current and proudly released brand new materials that reflect that! Our new Self-Advocacy and Neurodiversity materials promote expressing individuality rather than ableism and address important tenants such as providing models using visual referencing rather than eye contact and the importance of self-advocating. Check out some of these materials that were released last school year! 



Middle & High School

New Everyday Speech World Chapters 


Everyday Speech World (ESW) serves as the perfect opportunity to practice social skills. It provides your elementary, middle, and high school learners with the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in a safe, non-judging, virtual environment! Last school year, we released several new ESW chapters. Check out some of the new ones below! 


New Data Tracking and Goal Bank Resources

In January 2022, we released our brand new informal data tracking and goal bank for our Social Communication Curriculum! These evidence-based resources support teachers and professionals with goal setting, data tracking, and assessment of Everyday Speech’s Social Communication skills and goals. You can find a Data Tracking and Pre/Post Assessment sheet for each Social Communication goal. The results of these assessments can be used to report growth, strengths, and areas to improve. The Goal Bank is a collection of goals written by our team of clinicians that aligns with each Social Communication Curriculum skill. You can customize goals by selecting the descriptions (listed in blue) that best fit your learner’s needs! Click the links below to access our Data Tracking sheets and Goal Bank! 



Pre-K & Kindergarten Social Communication Curriculum Launch

In August 2021, we released our Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum! With this came 40 new videos, 20 new activities, and 2 brand new games. Take a look and some of our favorite Pre-K and Kindergarten materials below! 


New Social Communication Curriculum High School Goals and Video Style

In January 2022, we released our new Job Training and Relationship Skills videos, worksheets, activities, and games for our High School learners! These two new topics within Everyday Speech’s curriculum are very important skills for our secondary aged learners and finally provide you with materials to teach these difficult subjects that often come with very little resources elsewhere! Below you can find some of our favorite Job Training and Relationship Skills materials!


Job Training

Relationship Skills 


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