SEL Summer Homework for Students


Educators, as summer approaches, you may be reflecting on all your students have accomplished this past year. You want your students to continue to close gaps and maintain the SEL gains you worked so hard on. How do you equip your students with the right tools and motivation they need to continue their SEL development over break and into the next school year? 


One thing you can do is compile a summer playlist of Everyday Speech lessons to send as homework. We’ve started that playlist for you with some big hits from our Everyday Speech platform. Are there any summer activities on this list you haven’t seen before?


Ice Cream Sundae - End of Year Reflection


Acts of Kindness Paper Chain


Well-Being Calendar


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We also recommend sharing a list, like the one below, with students and their parents. Encourage your students to commit to doing at least one of these activities over the summer: 


  1. Make an Acts of Kindness Calendar- What act of kindness can you do each day? Jot it down on your calendar.
  2. Make a Vision Board- Print or cut out pictures that represent what you want to accomplish, goals you have, and where you want to direct your life. 
  3. Start a Gratitude Journal- Place a notebook and something to write or draw with by your bed. At the end of each summer day, record what you're grateful for.
  4. Set aside a weekly time for Family Game Night- This one has a better chance of flying if you put a game or two near your dinner table. The corner of the room is just fine! Charades, Uno, Scrabble, it doesn’t matter. A few minutes of fun games brings a family together. 
  5. Start a habit of Declare it Dessert - Before you dish out the ice cream or cookies, ask everyone to says one thing they’re grateful for.
  6. Read together - Reading together is a great way to connect and relax with family. This is true even reading independently for years. Ask a parent or sibling if they want to read a book to you this summer. 


These tasks are relatable and emphasize kindness, empathy, and gratitude. They will help your students maintain the SEL gains they’ve made this past year and support them in practicing self-reflection, relationship skills, and self-management. We hope your students enjoy these!


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